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The Lying Game Spring Finale Review and RecapThe Lying Game took us on a crazy, whirlwind, mysterious ride the entire second season and now that we’ve seen the first half of second season finale, we are finally seeing some light in the tunnel. I know, we didn’t expect to see the person once the light reels in but I guess that’s why we are hooked yet satisfied with this show.

Okay, many of us are probably still shocked and in denial that the goodie-good Thayer could have a very violent and scary side in him but the murder weapon underneath his couch could speak for itself. And that finale scene of him turning his room upside down with the “murder weapon” is just freaky beyond words. Okay, let us breathe for a moment, and try to understand and dissect more this episode of The Lying Game entitled To Lie For.

Dan Heartbreaking MomentDan used to be “just the brother” of Ethan but ever since Theresa entered the picture, he became more noticeable and endearing. Now, that Theresa is dead, Dan’s grieving and anger is just so painful and heartfelt. He lived in misery knowing that his one true love is gone but losing her for the second time and actually for good, is just unbearable.

He bursted out his anger towards Alec because he knows that the secret he shared with Theresa is the reason why she got killed. In return, Alec decided to let Dan in the circle. He told him about the twins. And how Rebecca is supposed to be behind all that’s happening.

Dan also learned that his brother Ethan knew all about that secret for long but he’s not telling him anything so he asked Ethan point blank to choose between him, his family or the twins.

Emma’s ChoiceWhile Dan is giving Ethan an ultimatum, Emma was receiving such from Thayer. He wanted to know where he is in Emma‘s heart. He wanted Emma to choose betweeen him or Ethan.

I guess the answer is pretty much obvious to everyone. Emma loves Ethan ever since. Ethan is the only one who is sooo confused about his feelings for Emma and Sutton. On the other hand, Emma just grew tired of Ethan being wishy-washy but the truth is, she always love Ethan. Well, we can say the same thing for Sutton.

So, Emma decided to tell Ethan that she is choosing him over Thayer. But Ethan, like the always wishy-washy Ethan, decided to reject Emma. But this time, it is not because of Sutton or Thayer but because he decided to choose family over Emma. He told him that all the mess started when he and Emma got together. And now, he doesn’t want to get involved anymore.

Of course, Emma was totally heartbroken, again. Well, at least, she got Sutton on her side now.

Sutton, the better, SuttonSutton told his dad, Ted, that they should keep the secret about her and Emma a little bit longer since she’s afraid that Kristin might not take it positively. Everyone is lying to her and another thing that Sutton is afraid of is that, Kristin might throw her out to be replaced by Emma since she got involved with Rebecca’s plan at one point. Also, Sutton may not seem like it but she’s looking out for Emma too. She wants her to stay for good.

Sutton is pretty much convinced that Rebecca, their birth mother is a killer so she’s willing to help Ethan and Dan in any way possible. She came up to Ethan to ask about the piece of evidence that they saw in the crime scene to see if it’s Rebecca’s. Ethan then told her that it was a necklace with a half-heart shaped pendant. Ding dong. Not only Sutton knew that it was Rebecca’s but she also got the other half of it. But that’s already kind of shady, isn’t it? Why would Rebecca bring the necklace that she’s saving to give to Emma in the crime scene? And remember, a mysterious person broke into Rebecca’s drawer before Jordan arrived to do the same thing.

Anyway, Sutton’s willingness to help Dan and Ethan to solve Theresa’s murder case was greatly appreciated by Dan. Hmmm, now it looks like Dan is making her choice between the twins already. It also looks like that Ethan is falling..again to Sutton’s honesty card.

Sutton told him that she’s afraid that her family will choose Emma over her especially that she knows that she’s not been that goody good girl. Ethan told her that there’s a possibility but there’s also a chance that they will forgive her just like how he is forgiving her. Isn’t that sweet? But on the other hand, why would Ethan forgive Sutton when he’s the one who wronged her? He dumped her for her twin sister and then get back to her and dumped her again. Well, let’s hope that Ethan will finally made up his mind.

Rebecca vs AlecWhen Dan learned that the necklace belongs to Rebecca, he immediately asked Alec to serve her warrant of arrest and he gave his permission right away. However, he also made a quick phone call to tip Rebecca to pack her things and leave A.S.A.P. And then things became a lot more shady.

At first, Rebecca was all set to skip town. She even made a video call to her twins saying how sorry she is that she’s leaving them again after finding them. However, at the party, Alec received a note telling him to meet her upstairs. Of course, it’s Rebecca! Alec seemed disappointed that Rebecca didn’t skip town after all.

Now, it’s Rebecca’s turn to grill Alec. She told him that she thought it was Ted all along so she’s protecting him but only now did she realize that it’s a whole different scenario. She now put the puzzle pieces together and now she knows who the killer is and so is Alec. She also told Alec that they are similar in the sense that they are willing to go far just to protect the ones that they love. Of course, Rebecca was talking about Ted but what about for Alec – is it Thayer or Kristin?

At the end of Alec and Rebecca’s conversation, we’re shocked to see Alec falling from the rooftop. Was it Rebecca’s doing? Is that why she was wearing gloves? Is she that strong to push Alec down or was there another person in the roof top?

Thayer with the murder weaponEmma went to Thayer to tell her about her decision. But Thayer doesn’t look like the normal Thayer. His hands are shaking and he has this scary look in his face. After hearing what Emma has to say, he told him to go out already immediately. Emma freaked out and left. After that, Thayer, picked up a seat from his couch and there lied a greenish long metal bar, which is very similar to the police’s findings about the murder weapon. Then, he freaked out like hell, smashing everything in his room, including a picture of Emma.

Is Thayer really the killer? Is Emma her next victim? Well, there are still many questions left and hopefully we get to know the answers in second half of the Season 2. Hopefully, The Lying Game will be back for more, because admit it or not, we can’t get enough of Sutton, Emma and all their lies and all the secrets hidden from them.


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