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Internet Marketing | Online BusinessA Small Step Away from Your Success
How many times have you tried to make money online with internet marketing only to never quite see the results you expected or were promised?

If that’s you then I genuinely sympathize… been there, oh boy have I… and it’s not a nice place to be. But did you take that one, tiny little, small step for success?

Imagine: You’ve been slaving away for days, weeks, sometimes even months following a plan to make money online, lots of the stuff. You’re ‘in’ to internet marketing in a big way… it’s your turn… as Leonardo DiCaprico said playing Jack Dawson in Titanic… “Somebody’s life’s about to change“…

I was out picking my car up from it’s annual service yesterday and as it’s a specialist, high-performance, sports car I use a specialist garage who have ‘looked after her’ ever since I bought her new some six years ago. Being a regular customer and having, as a friend, helped the garage with marketing and promotions in the past I have an excellent relationship with them, and as usual I spent a wonderful two hours chatting about all sorts of things with Craig, one of the three directors.

Now Craig knows a lot of people. Because of the nature of the cars they look after, and the price of them, a lot of these people are wealthy business owners and Craig told me of a story about one of them which, to say the very least, is both extremely useful to internet marketers and to a degree unbelievable… but it shows what level of success can be acheived…Over to Craig…

A Prince and a Pauper“Jim owns a computer micro-processor design business which having designed a new version for AMD, needed a £40,000,000 investment to build a factory for production to meet the expected demand.

Having several high profile contacts Jim soon had a deal together from a Russian magnate for a cool £20,000,000. Great work yes, but still only 50% of the way there.

Fast forward a few weeks and Jim still only had half the money…. and nobody else to contact. He and his business faced financial meltdown!

Jim was about to give up all hope when by chance he was introduced to a chap named Pete who had just returned from Dubai. Turns out Pete knew the Prince of the ruling family and that the Prince was looking for things to invest in as their wealth creating oil reserves are running out!

Pete brokered a meeting and Jim fly off to Dubai where he was picked up and driven by limo straight to the Prince’s private floor in the Wind Towers.

Jim met the Prince and did his pitch for the £20,000,000 shortfall he needed to save his skin. The Prince sat and listened intently before asking Jim some questions:

P: “Would be possible for the factory to be placed in Dubai?”J: “Yes.” P: “How much would it cost?”J: After some thought “About £350M.”P: “£350M… OK, so £600M should make sure then?”J: “Er, Yes… certainly!”P: “Done. I’ll deposit £600M in your nominated account tomorrow. Come back at 10AM and we’ll get the contract signed.”Turns out the Prince had previously done a deal with another company to build a micro-processor factory in Dubai and after starting the build the deal went sour and left the Prince with ‘a lack of face’ with his family. Now he needed a quick solution to regain lost pride and in walked Jim who needed £20,000,000 to build a factory!”

The moral?One meeting with a total stranger; one subsequent conversation and BANG! Jim’s in Dubai with £600M in his bank account and a new wealthy friend on his personal contact list.

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Never, EVER, give up… you’re always only one small step away from the success you deserve!To grab the success YOU deserve, download my FREE report on making money online and fast. It’s up there on the right of this page or you can click this direct link here: FREE Online Money Making Report.

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