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Brings out the Little girl in all of us » Frugal WAHMs Product Reviews -When my daughter entered kindergarten her birthday was right before the cut off. Therefore it meant that most of the children were almost a whole year older then her, this proved to be hard on my daughter. My daughter was falling behind in school and was having a hard time keeping up with the other children in school. Soon I noticed it was affecting her self esteem feeling like she was a failure because she couldn’t do some of other things kids her age were doing. Feeling like a helpless mother, I decided there had to be something out there to help my daughter learn and also start to feel better about herself.

Heading to the local department store I began to canvas the shelves. In the next aisle I overheard a lady raving about how much her daughter loved her Leap Frog, intrigued I went over to take a look at this product. Reading the box I realized this was an educational toy that would grow with my child, offering learning in so many different categories. On the box it recommends for ages four and up. The Leap Frog teachesreading comprehension and retention, vocabulary development, complex word usage and Syntax, reading fluency, word definition and pronunciation.

*Languages and more.


When you open the box you will see a full set of instructions for use of this, also you will need four AA batteries to operate the system. Each system comes with a book usually with around thirty pages. One of the other features is your child can use headphones with this and also story book cartridges.

Now when you get to use the book, you have two options you can push the green go button you can hear the whole story read to you in the characters voices. Or your child can take the pen and slowly read word by word, enabling your child to hear the pronunciation of each word and to help in reading. Should your child not be able to pronounce a word correctly there is a button at the bottom that will help your child.

While reading the story your child will soon notice that some of the pictures on the story when touched will make noise. For example if you touch a bumblebee it may make a buzzing noise. The book also becomes interactive by providing a game with each book for your child to play and to help stimulate their learning process. The book that accompanies the Leap Frog has three fun parts of it. First are activities from Richard Scarry, next is a Winnie the Pook Story and last is a story from Our Town Band. Now to help keep this an educational toy that will last as your child grows up, you can buy many books from your local store to use over the years. Each book ranges around $15.00 each, which is very reasonable for helping to further your child’s education.

Within thirty days of owning this my daughter was feeling more confident in her reading abilities. My daughter would often sit alone and read books on her own, or at night we would practice with books together. Soon my daughter started to improve in school, and her teacher commented on how my daughter was becoming more active in class. Personally this was the best investments my family has ever made. Not only was it fun to use, educational, but also it helped my daughter overcome her hurdles in learning to read.

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