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You asked for it. You got it.

Tangible, living proof of the lengths I will go to in order to see this blog succeed.

Like walking on fire or breaking boards, I’m about to perform a feat of… dahhghhh FORGET IT, there is NO WAY to make this sound manly. Just none.

But it’s cool. It’s all in good fun.

Let’s go over the facts, for anyone who may stumble across this post as their first exposure to my blog (Oh God, please no. Seriously, not this one, ok?)

I am not well versed in chick flicks or romances. Period. Without a woman in my life to neuter me accompany me to such films, and certainly not choosing to watch them over more manly forms of movies of my own accord, I have developed a significant hole in my film watching resume.This blog has a number of female readers. When they want to reference these movies, I shouldn’t be in a perpetual state of “Duhhhh…” Plus they all seem to enjoy this concept, so…James Bond, Classic, Cheese or Crap won’t last forever. LOL

So here we go. At least for the first one, I’ll put up a poll. I’ll keep it open ’til Sunday midnight. Anyone can feel free to vote, so men, if you will get a chuckle over seeing me subject myself to one of these movies more than the other, knock yourself out. After which, I’ll find a way to watch the selected movie… in all honesty, I will probably buy it on blu ray in order to simultaneously address the lack of estrogen in my blu ray collection.

I’ll have the first post up a week from today. Next Thursday. I don’t know if we’ll make this a weekly thing, but we’ll give it a go for a while and it will be at least quasi regular enough to be considered a “series”. I don’t know if we’ll necessarily use a poll each time to select the next flick, but I will definitely be relying on guidance from the peanut gallery.

When I post, I’m going to give you 100% total, complete, upfront honesty. If the movie made me cry, I will fess up. If it made me all mushy and made me reconsider living in the “Fortress of Solitude”, I will fess up. If it made me call my Mom to tell her I love her, I swear. Cross my heart. I will fess up.

But on the other hand. If I watch some steaming pile of reheated estrogen extract on a plate, whose only redeeming value is as an impulse buy in the feminine hygiene products section of the supermarket, I’m going to call it like I see it, too. Ok?

The selections above are culled from a mini “Facebook Campaign” that broke out yesterday. LOL. I’d like to thank Mary for starting it up and Deb and Beth and Lynn and Kim for participating. I culled the results from the movies they listed. They were the most palatable of the bunch, to me. Polls with more than five options get… weak.

Have at it, and feel free not just to discuss your choices, but the series as a whole, what you’d like to see in it, should we stick with a poll, suggest some other movies, list some addresses where I can turn in my “Man Card”… whatever you like.

Go to town.

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