“Charlie’s Angels”

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This Means War | Reese Witherspoon | Chris Pine | Tom HardyThis Means WarThis Means War is a movie about two top CIA agents who treat each other as brother. They got each other’s back in every encounter like what we saw on the opening scene of the movie. Speaking of opening, the movie started with typical McG, shotgun-toting action set-piece on top of HongKong skyscraper. It is like we are watching another “Charlie’s Angels” movie directed by McG only this time with two gorgeous men instead of three gorgeous angels. Well, thankfully, the “Charlie’s Angels”-esque started and ended in the opening scene as we see the two top CIA agents Tuck (Tom Hardy) and FDR (Chris Pine) back in their office desk trying to figure out their love lives.What a segue!

Well, it all started after Tuck and FDR attended the wedding anniversary of FDR’s grandparents. Tuck was touched how the grandma and grandpa look so happy and in-love after all these years. He tried to fix her marriage by visiting his son’s taekwondo practice. He asked his ex-wife to eat out as a family but the girl said she had a date so maybe next time. With this, he decided to just try online dating to find the love of his life.Through this online dating thingee he met Lauren (Reese Witherspoon) who met his best friend FDR after meeting him in person.

Lauren finds FDR as arrogant and Mr. Know-It-All kind of guy like all the guys that she knew way back unlike how she finds Tuck as gentleman, honest and sweet kind of guy. However, because FDR was so persistent, she decided to agree to go on a date with him.

As top CIA agents, the two gentlemen decided to use their resources to find out about the girl that they are dating. They were surprised to learn that they are investigating about the same exact girl Lauren. They decided to have a “gentleman” agreement and just let Lauren choose the one. However, this gentleman agreement led to one messy and childish battles between the two guys.

The movie has entertaining and witty scenes. It may not be the best rom-com movie but it is entertaining. Chris Pine is very charming while Tom Hardy looks very lovable. Reese Witherspoon was able to bring her charm into this movie but it was just a bit weird to see her singing and dancing like the typical Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz. Well, oh yeah, McG directed the film so there must be a cutesy dancing and singing scene from the lead female Reese just like what Cameron did in Charlie’s Angels.

Speaking of McG, This Means War is definitely not his best film but nevertheless, it is bearable for moviegoers who are just after a good laugh. However, one thing I particularly didn’t like is the ending. The film has shallow script but I was expecting to have at least a more decent ending. It seems that he started unimpressively, goes okay in the middle then go way below in the ending. Well, if you are looking for great movie date then you might as well pick This Means War…..just don’t have high expectations.

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