Apps for Android Phones

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Android smartphones have become very popular, going for at least 56.1% of the sales for smartphones within the first quarters of 2012. But not every Droid is the same. A lot of the carriers or manufacturers design the Android OS for their own purposes, and often limiting how they utilize the device. With a little bit of brilliance, though, you can take complete control of your phone by rooting it.

Rooting is the procedure of acquiring root access over your phone. Consequently, it would mean that you can do many things with your phone versus being simply hamstrung on the OS. It’s just the same as jailbreaking, which is oftentimes associated with Apple devices that are known for their very tough root.

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Apps for Android Phones

Apps for Android Phones

Why bother with rooting? Essentially, rooting is a recent art. Instead of settling for lame default permissions, you can benefit more from administrator-level access that allows you to immediately access the flash memory in your phone. Empowered, you can clean your phone and begin fresh with the OS that you like, only the applications you like, and improved back-up capacities. There are instructions on how to root your phone throughout the Web, but remember that doing so will void your phone’s warranty and sometimes violate the service and terms you have with your service provider.

Because Android has become very popular and the system has become so well established, it is now safe to do the rooting procedure. With a lot of famous models, you can just utilize an app called SuperOneClick, a one-click app, to get the job done. The rooted phone will also allow you to install and utilize root-only applications of different sorts.

To allow you to enjoy much of the rooted fun, there are a number of popular root-only apps that you can utilize. Although not really an app, CyanogenMod has become one of the most famous tools within the rooter’s toolbox. CyanogenMod will actually replace the ROM or firmware inside the flash memory of your phone, giving it a new foundation that will get rid of the bloatware (those preinstalled, aggravating apps that you can’t remove and never use) and providing different types of functions. It is a stripped OS with desirable apps that are built in.

There are apps that provide sleek graphical interface that is much customized. You can select from many interface themes that can provide a splashy look to your phone. It allows you to play Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) music, which audiophiles prefer over MP3 files.

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