A Thousand Words – Movie Review

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                  A Thousand Words – Movie Review

Let me just start by saying ‘A Thousand Words’ is the name of the movie and not the length of this review. If you have not heard of the movie, A Thousand Words is a new comedy movie starring Eddie Murphy. The film was released on March 9th, 2012 and is 91 minutes in duration. The budget for ‘A Thousand Words’ was $40 Million USD and to date it has earned $18 Million. The films cast features many famous actors and actresses including; Eddie Murphy, Kerry Washington, Clark Duke, Cliff Curtis, Allison Janney, and many other famous hollywood stars.

A Thousand Words is the story of a fast talking literary agent named Jack McCall (Eddie Murphy). He is the stereotype of a businessman who can close any deal. He is always talking and convincing people that his way is the best way. For this reason, he is given the task of getting a world famous spiritual guru to publish his book with Jack’s company. The guru who goes by ‘Sinja’ (Cliff Curtis) is the latest craze in North America and is growing in popularity daily. Up to this point, no other publishers have been able to convince him to publish his book with them. Jack takes a trip to go see Sinja in person and convince him that he should publish his book. Of course, Sinja knows that Jack is only interested in it for the money but after being bombarded by Jack, he agrees. While at Sinja’s temple, Jack pricks himself on a Bodhi tree and it draws blood. This is the beginning of a drastic lifestyle change for Jack.

The next night, Jack’s house begins to rumble and at first he thinks it is an earthquake. However, it is actually something much more serious. Jack is shocked when he looks outside to see the exact same Bodhi tree now in his backyard. He assumes that Sinja has delivered it as a present but he couldn’t be more wrong. It turns out that when he pricked himself on the tree, they became connected. Now, anything that happens to the tree also affects Jack. Also, whenever Jack speaks; the tree loses a leaf. With the help of Sina, it is learned that there is a tale of this happening in the past and that when all of the leaves are gone from the tree; both the tree and the person who it is connected to will die.

Jack’s life is now upside down as he has to go through his days by using as little words as possible. He cannot write things down as that also causes the leaves to fall of the tree. It is now up to Jack to try and find a way to save himself from whatever destiny the tree holds for him. That is all that I can say on this movie. If you like Eddie Murphy, or want a good movie to watch with you family; then I suggest ‘A Thousand Words’.

Movie Rating: 6 stars out of 10Rating Summary: I am giving ‘A Thousand Words’ six stars out of ten because I thought it was a good movie and had some funny parts to it. The message behind the story is a good one and makes you think about what you would do if you were in Jack’s situation (as unrealistic as it might seem). I would suggest getting this movie if you are looking something to watch with your family, or your significant other.

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