“Let’s Get Out Of Here”)

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“Let’s Get Out Of Here”)

Thankfully, Sookie took some of Bill’s blood, and healed up quickly from her gunshot wound. Phew! The maudlin BS of her “Dying” didn’t get stretched out as long as I feared.

Now that she’s had some of Bill’s blood, she’s dreaming of him again, too. She’s like a Bon Temps yo-yo. A Ho-Yo. Leave it to Sookie to have a lucid dream starring her two lovers, and she dreams about lecturing them, even if it is a lecture about doing them both.

If I see one more gauzy, slo mo scene between her and Eric, even if there IS double teaming involved, I will literally vomit.

Don’t call Antonia Maria Conchita Alonso “Marnie”, that’s for sure. She flips out if you do. Apparently as long as she’s in power, Vampires need to sleep all silvered down. Motel Bill, we’ll leave the chains on for ya. Later in the episode, Debbie Hairy leads Sookie into the witches den for some low IQ power play, trying to get back at the Bon Temps Ho-Yo for playing with her man. She may not have pulled it off, but her heart was in the right place. It’s only a matter of time before Sookie does Alcide, he does live in town.

Antonia Maria Conchita Alonso finally unleashes her “Vampirian Candidate” plot, but Sookie foils it. Sigh. Let’s keep all of Sookie’s lovers in play…

In the best plotline of the night, Evil Demon Baby and crazy, possessed Lafayette join forces to bring some highlights to this episode. Lafayette’s got Jonesin’ Andy Bellefleuer’s gun, but Andy doesn’t need one. He’s hopped up on V!

Shots fired! Shots fired!

Andy picks the wrong time to detox, but thankfully he’s got Jason on scene as backup. Jason calls Jesus, who uses his Brujo powers to show “Mavis” she has a penis now. This leads to her surrendering the Baybe. Eventually, she gets her dirty, skeleton baby back, and Jesus whips out some Brujo shit that nobody knew he knew how to do, and Mavis makes her glowing, singing lullaby-bye.

Even all bloody and runny make-up faced, Jessica’s still hot. Her ex is apparently trying to move on. If you have a rooster crowing as your cell phone alarm sound, you might be a Redneck. Hoyt sends Jason off to Jessica with the “Monster Box”. She had a monster box for him, though! It certainly wasn’t everything I had hoped it would be, but the season finale is yet to come. Remember, you can send your donations to the “Deborah Ann Woll Needs It Put It On the Record Fund”, c/o fogsmoviereviews.com.

Tommy got his ass kicked, thankfully. He deserves it, the punk.

What do you think True Blood fans? Will Sookie realize her dream of a polygamist society? Now that Evil Demon Baby’s ghostly nanny is gone, will he still be an Evil Demon? Or just a baby?

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